Drinking With Animals: Beer At the San Diego Zoo

A guide for parents looking for brews at the world famous zoo

Visiting the San Diego Zoo and trying to liven it up a little too? San Diego is known for their beer, so it’s no surprise that parents and tourists alike would like to sample some craft brews within the park.

Lucky for them, there are not only plenty of options within the park (so you can walk around while you drink), but there are also cool casual dining areas where you can plop down and enjoy a cold one too.

As far as prices go, they’re pretty reasonable. We’re talking way below Disneyland prices but definitely more than if you were to go to the sources. It’s around $7-8 per craft beer depending on what you get.

They also have fun, San Diego Zoo exclusive names for some of the craft beers, which have included:

  • From Mike Hess – Komodo Kolsh
  • From Mike Hess – African Leopard
  • From Stone – Boa Blonde Ale
  • From Burgeon Brewing – Lost Forest Haze
  • From Karl Strauss – African Penguin

They have some San Diego craft essentials there too including but not limited to:

  • Stone Ripper Pale Ale
  • Stone IPA
  • Fall Plenty for All Pilsner
  • Mike Hess Steel Beach Lager

As to where to find these brews, they are scattered throughout the park and different places will have different beers. You’ll have to do some exploring around the park, but isn’t that kind of why you’re there in the first place?

Here are the names of the casual dining establishments and their locations so you can find and mark them on your map!

  • ZOO BREW in Lost Forest
  • ROCKS BOA in Africa Rocks
  • THE PAGODA in Asian Passage
  • KETTLE CORN in Discovery Outpost

For more info, be sure to visit sandiegozoo.org or contact them directly!