Ballast Point Launches Campaign To Win Back SD With New Ownership

A few months back, Ballast Point – San Diego beer giant – shocked the brewing world by announcing they had been sold for the second time in 4 years.

Even more shocking, was the announcement that it wasn’t to another big beer giant acquiring them, but instead a small microbrewery from Chicago called Kings and Convicts.

Today, the first efforts of new owner’s Brendan Watters attempt to win back the community was unveiled with an announcement declaring “A New Era of Ballast Point”.

Per their Instagram:

An open letter from the employees of Ballast Point:
Born in San Diego, Ballast Point was founded in 1996 because we love beer.
Through every chapter, that fact remains constant.
What has changed since ’96, you ask? We’ve heard the rumors. And you’re right.
Quality has changed – it’s better.
Innovation has changed – there’s more.
Variety has changed – we’re creating more now than ever.
So, you’re right. Things have changed over the past 24 years.
It hasn’t always been perfect, but we are stronger today than ever before.
Through all of the change, all we’ve focused on is making great beers to share with you, our friends and neighbors.
The same great people, making the same great beer, endured a trying couple of years.
Why stay, you ask? Each other. Our passion. Our beer.
Longtime customers turned longtime employees still walk our brewery halls, and we’ve been here staying the course. Brewing the beer we want to drink.
We’re all in the same dream, with the same goal.
Every day, we pour our heart and soul into the beer we brew and the family we’ve made.
Ballast Point is back, but in fact, we never left.

via @ballastpointbrewing Instagram

We will see what is soon to come for Ballast Point, but with their new campaign it is clear they plan to win back San Diego before moving outward again.